Become a Destination, Not A Stepping Stone


Attracting talent is one thing; retaining it is another.

When developing benefit programs for your company, the idea is to create a package which attracts quality employees and keeps them motivated to stay. An important part of that package is an equity compensation and incentive program which best suits your business and satisfies your employees.

However, unless you are a corporate tax advisor, corporate financial planner, or stock options specialist, the subject of compensation plans, stock offerings, and protecting your assets can be overwhelming.

In our position paper, CEO Best Practices for Equity Compensation and Incentives, we offer answers to questions like these:

  • What is the purpose of equity incentive plans?
  • What is the difference between initial incentives and equity compensation? Who qualifies for it?
  • Why do incentive compensation plans fail?

We also discuss the latest compensation and incentive trends and offer a format to develop compensation plan scorecards that work.

As a CEO, you need to understand the fundamental value and purpose of these offerings, and make them work for you, your employees, and your company.