There is a Reason You Are Here.


As a lawyer, your internal guide probably steered you on this career path to make an impact on people and their conditions. What you may not have gathered in law school is the business acumen to design, develop, and deploy a strategic plan to grow your practice.

We offer help in the position paper, How to Create And Execute A 5-Year Strategic Plan to Grow Your Practice as a Lawyer.

  • With research based on the acronym CLIENT, The Nour Group can help you identify what brings clients to you – things like an integrated marketing plan, nurturing prospects and more!
  • We explain the client acquisition process and offer 8 specific steps that you can use to grow your customer base.
  • We offer insights into SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis so you can put strategies into play that will address each trait.

With your attorney practice, you have the future in front of you, and now is a great time to make business-oriented choices that will secure it.