Millenials: Raised in a world of choice, with instant access to information


At the Nour Group, we define Millenials as the generation born between the years 1982-2000, sub-categorized by younger Millennials (age 18 to 24) and older Millennials (age 25 to 34), and further delineated by gender and income.

If that sounds complicated, it is – so it’s no wonder that marketing to such a diverse group can sometimes feel overwhelming too.

For real-world tactics to reach this coveted market segment, download our white paper, Tips & Techniques for Marketing to Your Millenial Audience. You’ll learn:

  • Why companies who continue to engage in pull marketing fail while those who adapt to push marketing – the new norm – succeed.
  • How the millennial mindset functions, this generation’s particular struggles and goals, and how you can tap into their thirst for knowledge and inspiration with specifically targeted messages and experiences.

It’s a brave new world that these Millenials are creating. Why not get onboard and engage them?