What Am I Doing to Give People A Reason to Trust Me?


Invest time and energy in networking to push your hospitality business forward.

Your clients typically have a need, often an immediate one (I need a room now) or an impending one (I need catering for an upcoming event). But the crown jewels of customer needs are created ones, when you develop new opportunities that they haven’t thought of yet, or thought to look to you to provide.

In our position paper, What Hotel GMs Can Do To Build Relationships and Grow Business, The Nour Group offers a 4-step process for building a valuable network of relationships within the hospitality industry.

Our thought-provoking insights include:

  • How to gauge your success
  • How to gauge your relationships
  • How to deepen an existing relationship
  • How to identify your go-to people
  • How to become a go-to person yourself

In the hospitality industry, relationships are critical - build them, and watch your business grow exponentially!